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Vessel Dimensions

LOA: 15m

Beam: 6m

Operating Draft: 1.5m

Clear Working Deck: 50 sqm


Main Engines: 2x 405hp Yanmar

Aux Engines: 50 sqm

Bow Thruster: nil

Deck Equipment: 15ton winch 2x3to coupling winch, 8tm HS marine crane


Total Berths: 0

No. of Cabins: 1

Shower and Toilet: 1 of each

Galley: small day galley


Class: AMSA

Survey: AMSA 2C/2D

Frequency: Annually

Multicat type vessel

Built in 2012, The Shackleton is a 15m Multicat type vessel.

Built as a multipurpose, multi-role vessel the Shackleton has a myriad of uses, barge handling, anchor handling, construction support and bed leveling to name a few. Shackleton is equipped with an 8tm remote controlled crane mounted forward on the bow, 15ton line pull anchor handling winch and 2x 3ton coupling winches.

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