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Heli Lifts at Hamilton Island

Heli Lifts at Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island, QLD

Marine Logistics

Hamilton Island Enterprises Pty Ltd | Commenced 2018

Thanks to Paynter Dixon we can take a look at the recent action on the Hamilton Island Yacht Club Villa’s Insurance Rectification project. The sort after Hamilton Island Yacht Club Villa’s had their roof’s severely damaged by the force of Cyclone Debbie in early 2017. Commissioned to undergo the restoration works, PDQ were tasked to navigate a number of site access constraints. This unique location required the transport of the replacement custom roof sheeting (18 meters in length) to the site. The project consisted of a two-part delivery. Firstly, Moreton Venture Barge was loaded on the mainland with the roof sheeting in tow, and moored 300 meters off Hamilton Island. Then a helicopter was rigged and the roof sheeting was lifted from the barge, flown into the site compound and unloaded on site with precision. This innovative solution eliminated the need for numerous crane lifts, which would have exposed more workers to unnecessary risk, and blocked access roads throughout the resort.

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