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Geotechnical Drilling Investigation

Geotechnical Drilling Investigation

Gladstone Harbour, QLD

Marine Logistics

J & S Drilling | Commenced 2015

Long-term client J & S Drilling use the Fodico Marine Group waterfront facility to prepare to mobilise the Ocean Driller II to undertake geo-technical drilling investigations for the Gladstone Harbour Channel Duplication Project.  Assisted by the Hydro-Tow owned 15m Harbor/Pusher Tug Alkira they will carry out core sampling, recovering sub-sea soil samples.  The Alkira will replenish the offshore drilling platform with diesel and water whilst also transferring the crew each day. Maintaining a security and safety watch whilst the drilling operations are underway.

Fodico Marine Group continue to secure contracts with long-term clients due to our unrivalled flexibility and first-class facilities.

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