Crest 181

180' deck cargo barge, suitable for marine contrsuction and logistics.


Vessel Specifications

Configuration: Flat Top Length (m): 54.86 Displacement Lightship (T): 403 Deck Loading (T/m²): 10
Registration No: 113415 Width (m):  17.07 Displacement Loaded (T): 2,554 Deck Equipment: Bow Anchor
Class Notation: GL + 100 A5 Pontoon Depth Moulded (m): 3.66 Max Deadweight (T): 2,151 Emergency Anchor 800kg
Survey: USL 2B Draft Lightship (m):  0.5     Emergency Anchor Winch 5T Manual
    Draft Loaded (m): 2.93    

Optional Equipment;

Loading Ramps

4 nos 12m x 2m, 150T

4-point Mooring System

Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack

4 nos 10T Haaglund Hydraulic Winches

4 nos 3T Anchors

Penant Lines and Buoys



All flat top barges are available with multi-point anchoring systems.