Derelict Vessel Removal 2019

Steel Rover helps renew Shorncliffe Jetty

By collaborating closely with our highly experienced Client, and drawing on our own in-house expertise in piling and marine construction, FMG were able to design and supply our deck crago barge Steel Rover as the primary construction barge to the Shorncliffe Jetty Renewal Project. Due to the extremely shallow conditions on site, it was essential the draft of the barge be minimised whilst retaining full functionality. FMG were able to supply detailed concept drawings at an early stage in order to ensure the Client’s requirements were met. Equipment included an 80T crawler crane, 4 point mooring system, 4 sets of piling gates, crib facilities, store, piling equipment, and pile racks. The use of the Steel Rover has allowed piling works to be completed ahead of schedule.