Derelict Vessel Removal 2019

Macleay Island

Macleay Island Foreshore Redevelopment Project

East Coast Maritime secured the marine logistics section of the highly anticipated Macleay Islands foreshore redevelopment.

The Principle contractor to Redland Bay city council "Pensar Civil Pty Ltd" from Brisbane engaged ECM to undertake the work of relocating some 30,000 ton of select materials & rock armor from the mainland at Redland Bay to Macleay Island (part of the bay islands group).

The tender called for civil and marine engineering firms to build a seawall and car park, road works and ancillary marine infrastructure, a beach and two-lane recreational boat ramp and access stairs.

ECM commenced Tug & Barge Operations with the vessel HT Salute & Barge "Steel Ranger" at the start of October 2017 and operations have been ongoing, week in & week out with a completion forecast for the end of January 2018.