Major Refit on the Vessel Pacific Tiger

  • 03 Mar 2016
Major Refit on the Vessel Pacific Tiger

Hydro-Tow in conjunction with FMG and ECM Brisbane branch have undertaken a major refit on the vessel Pacific Tiger.


FMG’s quest to stay at the pinnacle of the maintenance dredging and sweep dredging market meant Pacific Tiger underwent a cosmetic, mechanical and technological refit during the later months of 2015.


Systems updated included Navigation, Position fixing, Dredge Hardware and Propulsion.


After 7 years of hard work in the dredging industry the vessel was taken to ‘The Yard Brisbane’ for 5 months of refit work which included the following-


-Complete internal wheel house refit including a new suite of state of the art electronics.

-Automation of all of the vessels crucial operations at a central command center established in the wheelhouse at a position that allows the master to monitor and operate the dredging equipment, operate the vessel all whilst maintaining a safe look out.  

-Complete Blast and Paint.

-Main Engine rebuild.

-Complete rebuild of all dredging associated deck equipment.

-Fabrication of a new, Larger Capacity Sweep Bar.


All of this work was completed on time and on budget thanks to our dedicated refit crew and tried and tested suppliers.


FMG would like to thank the following major suppliers for their hard work over this project-


Justin and Graham.                                         Rogers and Lough

Max and Scott.                                                 M and T Welding

Ben and Gary.                                                  GT Mac Industries

Christian.                                                          The Yard Brisbane

Clayton, Nathan, Boyd, Roger.                     Pacific Tiger


Pacific Tiger departed Brisbane for our annual maintenance dredging campaign at Port Kembla where we were able to test the new sweep bar and equipment.