Dick Smith makes flying visit in $6 million boat

  • 16 Jan 2015
Dick Smith makes flying visit in $6 million boat

Here's one from the archives...

Gladstone resident Dennis Toy helped Aussie icon Dick Smith with the design of his new $6 million boat Ulysses Blue Gladstone.

AUSTRALIAN icon Dick Smith will always hold Gladstone in high esteem.

In fact the multi-millionaire is so taken by the generosity of locals he even named his $6 million boat after our fair city.

Dick landed his helicopter in Gladstone yesterday aboard the 'Ulysses Blue Gladstone' on his way to Papua New Guinea.

Speaking with The Observer on board his boat, Dick explained how he was helped by local Dennis Toy when trying to build the vessel.

'I decided I wanted to build a boat, but I knew nothing about building boats so I asked around and Dennis helped me out,' Dick said.

Dick said while the boat was completed in Western Australia, he decided that it had to be registered in Gladstone due to the help he got from locals such as Mr Toy.

'You guys were so helpful here that I decided to register it here,' he said.

'It's my rule to success, it's how a useless guy like me who couldn't even get into university gets to own a boat like this. Surround yourself with capable people and ask questions.'

Dick said he had always had a soft spot for Gladstone and had visited the area many times.

As for Mr Toy, when asked why he decided to offer his advice to the Aussie icon, his answer summed up the generosity Dick spoke of.

'He asked me so I helped out, that simple,' Mr Toy said.